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Profili laterali autoadesivi per auto
Year of launch 1986
Inventor Graziano Varani
How the project came about Graziano Varani, the owner of Combicar, applied for the patent of this particular self-adhesive rubber trim applicable to car door edges which had not one already mounted. The main feature of this product was the easy application and the resistance of the adhesive on metal.
Our input
The company asked us a consultancy on the project and after analysing the patent and the segment of market we decided to invest together with producers, taking charge of marketing and communication, achieving a million of units sold.
We left the project in 1989, but Combicar is still a business leader.

Why was it successful? Before the launch of this Combicar product, if you wanted to mount protective trims to car doors you had to do some holes on the car body and the operation was a bit expensive. Self-adhesive rubber trims, instead, allowed to do this customisation without a specialist and without touching the car body.